Back in the fight — Day 11/1000

Cats, persistent as always.

This mission aims to produce 1000 blog posts on the medium to improve me as a writer. I could do this daily and produce essays every day, and it would work out.
However, it was not so simple.
The model that worked for me to create digital art pieces like the one you see above is similar. I use Instagram, and I put up one or two pieces of digital art daily. This has helped me create a habit around myself wherein I keep putting in the time and the effort to produce new things every day.
I understand that very few of my products have a good chance of actually helping people solve a need or problem in their lives at the moment.
Solving a need or a problem requires some work involved, some value generation that needs to be put in. I have not done the necessary work to build a system where new things of value are constantly produced. Therefore I shall keep making efforts to that end.
In the past few days, I have missed posting daily as I had given my word. There have been several false starts and misfires, but the point is that once the momentum is gained, I could begin to move forward.
This, at times, feels like a daily journal of some sort; really, what is the point of making a journal if others can’t read it. The point of the internet is that it is available to many, and I would assume they would be open-minded enough to come across this and not judge me too harshly.
The internet could very well be something that we leave behind to future generations. That would be fascinating if I had something that told me how life was like 100 years ago, or maybe 500 years back.
That’s why I value such works. They show a side of human beings that can still be relatable regardless of how different we might be; there is something that we can always connect and resonate with across time and space.

So, to create compelling essays, at first, I thought I would need to be damn creative and come up with new things; I found that I tend to get far more creative ideas in the past, so I wondered if it would work if I could make creative posts in the evening.

As the days have gone by, I find that writing at night seems to be far too tedious.
Writing requires more stuff to do than just that. It requires that you keep a cool head and bring forth new ways of editing and compiling it to produce a compelling piece of literature. Therefore now I have shifted my habit in the morning.

There shall be a new blog post coming through every morning till I reach day 100.
After that, I shall make further plans as to how I will move forward with my systems.
Writing compelling essays requires me to do research. Perhaps I shall hire freelance researchers to help me come up with compelling essays.
It could be quite elaborate to do so.
However, I am going to focus on writing daily and researching new books as they come along.

A part of me wonders whether artificial intelligence technology would garner all my efforts obsolete? that AI would produce writing so remarkably prescient and relatable there would be no way of us human writers able to compete with that.
I intend to cover the accelerating nature of technology in further posts; I also intend to cover transhumanism.
Naturally, this would require a lot of research, but most importantly, what it would need is directed towards the most optimal goal.

I am keen on getting into Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s works, the trilogy of his books based on randomness.
I think Taleb is an interesting kind of intelligent person. He doesn’t seem to be boring. And I am fairly certain he’s someone who’s put a lot of thoughts into his books.
I have attempted several times to understand what is going on in his books, and I have been unable to crack it so far.
I shall attempt to do so once more.
What providence I have those books unknown to me, but I will give it a shot and see what is available to me out of trying to reread them.

Further in the future, you’re going to see that I shall be using Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s excellent essay writing guide to come up with a compelling essay to win your attention and help you get the best of value that I extract from the books that I read.

The trick is to write more and produce more than I consume. Not arbitrarily, of course, but for the sake of solving a compelling problem in readers out there.
To simplify difficult concepts to their bare minimum so that you can start from there and climb to even further complexity.
So far, I am just focusing on “general science,” but as I keep going, I shall get into the specifics and do more research into the books that I read for bringing in productivity and uniqueness of thoughts.

So far as I have written this, I think writing in the morning is the best thing I can do at the movement.
My mind is clear and lucid enough to come with sentences that make sense, and as I shall keep going in the next couple of days, I feel I will refine my writing style and speaking style.

Currently, I am reading “You can coach” by Siddarth Rajshekar.
It’s a 600-page book about how anyone can pick up expertise they are good at or something they are passionate about and teach that to the world online.
Imagine this kind of technology-driven where it is all available to all the indigenous people worried about losing that vital part of the culture.
Something invented such that we may need it later as we go along.
Technology in its decentralized power pattern can be such a big boon.
We can do so many things that would we previously could not do.

I shall see you soon in the further posts.




Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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The Mohith Impact

The Mohith Impact

Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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