Be precise in your speech; it’s a superpower— Day 25/1000

Precise enough to catch more than mice

Write every day and be precise in your speech. That’s the best thing you can do to bring in a laser focus to your thoughts and actions. Writing is an arduous process; the time you spend writing one word takes a tiny toll on your body; therefore, the brain, ever the efficient worker (read lazy), would do anything to bring the damn word count down so that it doesn’t need to type so much. I say this out of experience that having a writing practice every day has made me a better speaker. I can communicate my ideas relatively robustly, more bang for my buck in terms of time.

The habit of writing begins when you decide to spend a portion of your time, however tiny, into writing a small piece every day. It’s a commitment that will bring great dividends. In the age of social media and the advent of artificial intelligence that have content writing capabilities, developing the skill of writing would bring about a serious upgrade on your skillset. You might be unstoppable when you can write regularly and come up with ideas to communicate and mobilise resources to fulfil these very ideas.

As you build greater tolerance to spend longer writing new essays, you will find that you can pay attention and focus on the task you are doing. Force yourself to think harder with writing. When your thoughts and actions are aligned, integrity is achieved and writing daily is you building your integrity daily. The writing shall train your mind to think clearly, and you shall speak precisely to suit the needs of the hour. Whatever you want to say or convey, your words will carry a punch; they will have an effect because your work has emboldened them in the forge of creating dense well thought out ideas. Not some scattered bunch of things that are spewed on another person. This spray and pray tactic of using so many unnecessary ramblings are sure to put the other person to sleep or run away from the sleep-inducing content of your words.

Finding the words is like using the right tool for the right job. Furthering on the analogy of the forge. When you spend time writing, it’s like you are a factory manufacturing artillery shells. Bear with me. Writing is also the practice of aiming and firing these artillery shells for max impact. Your peers may come equipped with bows and arrows for all we know. But the work that you did to develop a thought process is so powerful. Anywhere you go when you are called into service, your mind is like a collection of bombs that you can dispatch and clear away any obstacles in your path and march forwards towards total victory.

Omit needless words, as it says in E.B. White’s The elements of style. I am someone who is still working on my writing style. I am not following all the rules sometimes, but I aim to do so as I get better in this here skill of writing. I intend to post an essay every day on medium, and doing this daily has brought me great pleasure and joy. The trouble comes when I need to edit the damn thing. I suppose my youth is one of impulsiveness, and I am someone who sprays and prays with my words like the ones I mentioned before.

As you can see, I have been writing daily to remedy that very quality in myself. As much as I am averse to editing due to my laziness, I enjoy doing it if I am pretty sure that someone is reading what I wrote. It’s a great pleasure to know when your work has been acknowledged, and you go further into putting that workup.

Succinct in speech, intelligent in thought. Nassim Nicholas Talek once tweeted, if they call you brilliant, that means they agree with you. I couldn’t agree more; when you can convey an idea with as few words as necessary, clearly you know precisely what you’re talking about. You needn’t even need an extra sentence. I do not recommend this aspect of minimalism all the time, but it is appreciated when the thought is put to save the other person’s time.

People appreciate the effort when you put so much thought into your thoughts. Thoughts become actions, and each day you spend refining them will take you a long way and much far. When you can be quick in thought and make decisions quickly, you can see that things begin to move faster. Money loves nothing more than speed. Speed loves money, and money loves speed.

Look smarter by using the right word; you improve your vocabulary a great deal by reading. And it goes without saying that if you want to write well, you need to read often. Reading is the ultimate habit that has benefits that reach far. So start with a simple article per day, then graduate to more extensive long-form essays and go even further with large books. This writing practice will alter your destiny. It will change your life.

the magic words

Write every day, and write often. Write whenever you can in your schedule. Writing can really bring a tremendous sense of power and freedom where you are. You can be someone who can think and speak and communicate with paper. You will be unstoppable. Read the great books of the past, such as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. See what came before and emulate them. I’d suggest copying the great works of literature by hand so you may internalise the way they think. And by great works of literature, I also include Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

Above all, have fun. Writing is an enriching practise, especially when it resonates with someone else.




Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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The Mohith Impact

The Mohith Impact

Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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