Learning helplessness — 39/1000

If I needed a “self-helplessness guru” I’d come to you.

Writing everyday, yay! must be nice.
Wonder what’s that like.
I have not been doing it though.
It would seem I have underestimated my own tenacity when it comes to writing well everyday. I now see that noble as it is to attempt to write drop dead gorgeous essays, it takes something outta me to deliver on my promises.

In the past, I’ve had this habit, bad or otherwise, of overpromising and more often than not underdelivering. They should probably call me Tall-tale Mohith returns or whatever.
I began to notice that more often than not, if I met people in the mornings my great mood would exude confiedence and promise them the moon. For I’d be excited about the project too. However, once the afternoon hits, that’s it.
We are in for a ride. There is a serious dip in my productivity and I end up doing not much to nothing.

Hence I’ve begun to rectify this with all kinds of fun systems and habits that seem to be making a difference.
I’ve had new things set up in such a way that they should get me optimal results.
Prodigies starting young being a prerequisite success is a dangerous myth.
Tiger Woods is a prodigy, he is the celebrated player of Golf, bar none.
And he went of to train with the Navy SEALS for whatever reason.
No matter how good you are, you shall keep looking at the next level.

So it’s ok to keep failing

Infact I whole heartedly welcome it.
What is this essay if not an abject failure at an attempt to write a compelling essay.
Naysayers be damned. Humanity as a species we are fueled by failure.
This learned helplessness bullshit that ties us down, shed it and throw it outta of the window.
Defenestrate that piece of lard.

In the subsequent few days I am doing further experiments on my time and my schedule, I love doing this, I love picking up times of the day to figure out what i get to do next.
It brings me great joy to keep looking at what’s possible for me and stuff.
Puts me in the mood to bring out the best possible content outta me.
Look at the stuff I am doing.
I am posting a daily quota of Digital art and I seem to be improving by 0.1% as we go along.
We may have yet to reach a tipping point where the growth is exponential.
Posting aniamation, rudimentary as it is, on twitter daily.
Posting a youtube video daily, and finally this one, posting an Essay on medium daily for fun and for profit, if only ha ha

We don’t know what can happen when I do these things everyday.
But I am for sure going to do all that I can to develop the skills that are necessray to improve myself.

In a lot of ways I am putting myself out there with the content that I am generating.

Superlative motivation when I see this.

Just a matter of time I suppose.
I just need to reach that one tipping point and it’s gonna zoot me off into space!




Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj7qbGe4-rmGOHTMPqxv_ww

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The Mohith Impact

The Mohith Impact

Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj7qbGe4-rmGOHTMPqxv_ww

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