The school was designed for one thing: To prepare you to fight Napolean. — Day 9/1000

Too cool for school, to fast for the Le Grand Armee.

The modern school system was designed in 1808 in Prussia after the Prussian's humiliating defeat by Napolean.
Napolean was considered in begrudging respect and to bring in reforms the Prussian decided on coming up with school systems to train people to make them more disciplined in the face of fire.
Basically train them to be good little soldiers that can goose step, look smart and be cannon fodder.

A lot has changed since then, unfortunately, schools have not.
A top-down system is like a spider. The spider has one neuron for every node of its web.
Whereas in a starfish the brain is kind of spread out, it’s truly decentralized.
It’s a cliche at this point to say this, education has failed us.
Especially the one that was given top down.
Private schools are better but not by very much.
It’s design is still based very much on the government system.
One thing school has done successfully is suck the joy out of mathematics and physics from a lot of people.

I still lament the loss of understanding of how calculus and statistics work.
How some of the great physics formulas are left not understood at all by me.
A tragedy, no doubt. However thanks to the decentraized nature of the internet I aim to remedy this very predicament by watching loads of engineering videos in the future.
And who knows, we can finally beat Napolean all of us…




Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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The Mohith Impact

The Mohith Impact

Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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