So I just watched “Don’t look up” — day 997

“a comet in the sky… headed straight towards us”

I’ve been waiting for some time for Netflix’s comedy directed by Adam Mckay about a comet headed striaght to earth, and two astronomers doing all they can to tell people about it so they take some action that would work.

Spoilers ahead

The review on straight up calls this a disastarous movie, haha… and the other reviews don’t seem to be singing it’s praises.
I think Mckay did a phenomenal job with “The Big Short” It’s a fantastic movie and that one is also available on Netflix!

Although I did not dislike this movie, there are some questionable things put out there but I did laugh at a few of those jokes, they are pretty good.

The subtext of this movie is pretty simple, the comet is supposed to be a metaphor for climate change and how rich billionaires like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and what not seem to be taking advantage of this situation for their own benefits.
And here’s where the movie loses me, I mean I am an Architect, I spent all my semesters working on projects on green buildings, and eco-friendly design and I am clear about how serious it is.
Climate change is real. But is it akin to a comet, the size of Mount Everest, capable of causing an explosion the size of a thousand Hiroshima bombs?

I would suggest Bjorn Lomborg’s book False Alarm where he talks about how climate alarmism harms the planet.
It’s worth checking out.

Leo Decaprio’s in the movie and he’s delightful as always.
Jenifer Lawrence got to work with Timothee Chalamat, she did mention that she thought he was pretty talented and I think she had fun working with him.
The comet striking earth, aplocalyptic events and all is an old idea, and “Don’t Look up” does seem to be bringing something fresh on the table.

The first half of the movie is funny, I think it’s a lot of fun to see how the media thing works. It’s the rest of the movie that goes slowly downhill…

The Earth gets destroyed in this one. Everyone dies.
Save for a few rich people, (because why not) escape on a ship that is out to look for another planet.
Hey, if they had the capability to build a ship that can sustain 22,000 years to look for a perfect planet that they could live in, they could have easily found a way to solve the problem with the comet.
I am just saying.

Whatever, the point is that we should soon start seeing a parody of comet movies soon. I mean c’mon, it’s due time. Just like how we saw the parody of musician’s biography movies. They all have the same beats, and they go on and on.

I think Don’t look Up is intresting and maybe you could give it a shot, if you have Netflix already.
It’s good time-pass.

Although I feel you could have made it better though.
You could bring up a way to really criticize the finance sector like in the Big short.

Oh well, making movies are tough enough as it is.
Here’s to more projects from Adam Mckay




Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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The Mohith Impact

The Mohith Impact

Writing 1000 blog posts consecutively to become wizard. All this and I am on YouTube too —

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