Refuse to be miserable… purge their negative thoughts.

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2 min readSep 2, 2021
Johnson will later find a way to get rid of his inner demons.

Here are the basics of how to deal with negative thoughts, ABCD.
B is for your BELIEFS
D is DISPUTE your irrational beliefs.

The Universe, life, fate or reality, whatever you’re gonna call it, is not taking orders from you.

You may influence it based on the law of attraction principles, according to Dr Dean Radin, who wrote “Our conscious universe”, however, don’t let your ego contaminate the context of your mission in life.

From here, assume that I accept “THE SECRET” and “the law of attraction” methods. I believe, based on my independent research, that it is legitimate.
I shall, of course, keep doing further research. However, the whole thing seems to be working for me, and I shall share my results in this blog as I go along.

If you have been writing your goals down and making a habit of manifesting them using the Strangest secret by Earl Nightingale method, you may have noticed that these negative thoughts sometimes creep in.

Let’s take a simulated scenario in my life.
The adversity that I would face in my life is that in my social media platform, I see that the attractive, popular girl I knew in college liked a post by my friend and not the post I uploaded.
I found myself frustrated.
Adversity: That cute girl didn’t like my post.

This triggers a line of thinking where I blame her, I blame myself, and I turn circles around my head with mental gymnastics to blame the world for not letting me move up in life…
With great leaps of imagination, I have begun to believe that I am a total loser.
Belief: These are usually irrational.

Who said she has to like all your posts? Moreover, Why would liking your posts make any difference anyway? She may not find the Iron man schematics that you drew on crayon so inspiring enough to double-tap on her phone. It has no connection to your self-worth. But these things go from Adversity to belief real fast.
Consequences: You are now sad.

So how do we deal with these line of reasoning that is pervasive in our lives?
They are like sand traps; the more you struggle, the deeper you get into it.

Therefore it is wise to have a final letter in the process;

“I would very much like or prefer to have success, approval, or comfort,” and then end with the conclusion, “But I don’t have to have it. I won’t die without it. And I could be happy (though not as happy) without it.”
- From How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything-yes, Anything: by Albert Ellis.



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